Meet Our Robots


Fizzyo aka Fizz is our most recent robot for the Infinite Recharge competition. Fizz was fortunate enough to compete at the Arkansas Regional before the season was suspended. We were honored to receive the Industrial Safety award. As one of our most technical robots we hope to compete with Fizz again soon.


Kevin was our 2019 robot who competed in the Deep Space game. Kevin traveled to the Oklahoma and Sedalia Regionals. During the season we were honored to receive the Imagery Award.



Fuego is our 2018 season robot and was used to compete in the FIRST Power Up competition. Fuego got its name from its sweet led program that lit up our name. Our unique take on the competition led us to aim high and shoot over the competition. During the season Fuego competed in regionals in Dallas TX, Huntsville AL, and Oklahoma City OK. We were also fortunate enough to take Fuego on the road to Houston TX for Worlds. Over the course of the season, we were excited to receive a few awards including Imagery, Creativity, Innovation in Control, and Industrial Safety. Fuego also made it the Einstein fields after winning the Turing subdivision as a part of the 8th seed alliance. 


Rivets is our 2017 season robot and was used to compete in the FIRST SteamWorks competition. Over the course of the season Rivets took flight and competed in Oklahoma City, OK and Waco, TX where we made it to the semifinals and took home Imagery and Safety awards.

Rivets is enjoying retirement.

Dragon Slapper

Dragon Slapper is our 2016 season robot and was used to compete in the FIRST Stronghold competition.  Dragon slapper fought to storm the opposing alliances castle. Dragon slapper journeyed to regionals in Little Rock, AR and Oklahoma City, OK and was awarded an Industrial safety award. After slapping too many dragons to count, Dragon Slapper is enjoying retirement.


ECO is our 2015 season robot. ECO helped clean up the competition during the Recycle Rush season. Over the course of the season ECO stacked totes in sets of three in OKC and Houston. The team brought home our first ever award for Safety in 2015. ECO is currently enjoying retirement.



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